San Antonio Surface


Leonard Owens

San Antonio Surface restores, refinishes, Bathtubs, Tile, Counter tops, cabinets, appliances and cultured marble. Almost any hard surface! Refinishing by San Antonio Surface is the most economical and efficient way to revitalize your bathroom and kitchen at a mere fraction of the cost of replacement. Replacement involves not only the cost of the new fixtures, but also damages tile, wall paper, wallboard, the sub floor, plus pipes and hardware. In most cases houses are built around the bathtub!

Tear out is very messy AND time consuming. Saving time translates into saving money. Using our modern refinishing techniques, and the best materials our well trained technicians can help you realize a saving of up to 70% over the cost of replacement. This huge savings can be applied elsewhere in your overall remodeling plan thereby allowing you to either upgrade in other areas. Stained, chipped, and hard to clean surfaces are unsightly and unhealthy and can create a negative impression to your guest, customers or clients. Refinishing will give the old fixtures a smooth glossy or satin finish in a matter of hours. This non porous finish actually meets or exceeds manufacture’s specifications for stain and acid resistance.